About me

"She speaks when she wants. She talks when she wants. Like the dolphins." (Nichita Stanescu)

Every time I meet someone and they get to know my story they are confused. But what makes it confusing is actually something that makes me happy: moving around the world.

When I was 18 I left home. Leaving was not difficult, because I didn't realise I was leaving for real until I finally got my documents for university a few days before my departure. I had several moments when I was just giving up all my plans and said to my mum: "I am not leaving", but I left and it's been already 4 years since then.

I left for Italy. I enrolled at university in Verona, Shakespeare's city of love, where I got my Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures. But what happend during those three years?
In my second year I applied for the Erasmus programme. I was assigned to go to Poland and I was about to refuse it, but people around me said I should not miss such a great opportunity, and I left again. That Erasmus year changed the way I look at life and the world. And what's more important - I completely fell in love with travelling, exploring new places and discovering cultures. Thus, I can perfectly declare myself a wanderluster. 

When I came back from Erasmus I already knew what I wanted to study further. I graduated and enrolled for a Master's degree in International Relations at Bologna University. But don't think I live in Bologna. It's a wrong guess. I am going there just for exams, because right now I live and work in Prague, Czech Republic. 

A bit more about me? I love writing, reading, learning new languages, adventures and taking risks.

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