10 beautiful Italian words and phrases

Italian flag on a mountain
Here I am, back with another 10 Italian words that I find beautiful either because their meaning express something lovely or they sound very charmigly (by the way: charming is a word I do love a lot!)

So, let’s start with the one I discovered recently and that higly impressed me:
  1. Mi fa senso - this phrase is used to say that something makes you feel sick, or uncomfortable, or that it disgusts you  but the way it sounds is so graceful to me! Translated word by word it means: it makes sense, but sense in this context refers to the 5 human senses: sound, touch, smell, sight and taste.

  2. Ti voglio bene - another way to say you love someone and wish him or her the best in this world. Literally, it means: I wish you well. When using this phrase in written form, Italians abbreviate it as: tvb or tvtb (ti voglio tanto bene = I wish you lots of well).

  3. Brivido. Just as the word thrill, brivido translates its meaning into the sound you express when you say it: brrrivvvidddo.

  4. Sogni d'oro - translates literally as golden dreams. It sounds unusual in English, but it goes without saying that it means sweet dreams. I googled the phrase in English to see what I get and I found out there are a lot of businesses in Italy named Sogni d’oro or Golden dreams. Then I remembered there is even a cammomile tea brand called Sogni d’oro.

  5. Meraviglia - wonder! The Italian gl is actually the sound of li from Linda, so it is a pleasant sound. No doubt, I love it because of it’s pronunciation.

  6. Pian piano - little by little/slowly. Besides the beautiful way it sounds, there is an interesting detail about it. But first know that pian is the shortened form of piano. And what does piano mean? It means floor, but also fortepiano.

  7. Pensierino - another lovely word that has more meanings. It can be used as a diminutive of pensiero (thought), but I prefer the second meaning of it - little gift.

    The last three words are in this list because of their fascinating telling sounds:
  8. Incubo - nightmare.
  9. Struggimento - yearning, torment.
  10. Cucciolo - puppy.
Which of these words and phrases you liked the most? 
Is there any Italian word that you love and it's not in this list?

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