10 interesting Romanian idioms

I've written a lot about foreign languages, but very little about my native language. So, today I'll present you 10 Romanian idioms which I find interesting and funny. Let's start!

La paștele cailor, literally translated as at Horses Easter, is the equivalent of the English idiom at the Greek calends or when two Sundays come together. Simply put, it means never!

The meaning of a vinde gogoși is far from its literal translation - to sell doughnuts. It means to tell fibs, that is to lieee!

This is one of my favorite idioms - a scoate din pepeni. Translated word by word it means to take someone out of the watermelons. Probably you wouldn't guess, it means to make one angry.

A călca pe bec - to step on a light bulb - is a quite easy one. It means to make a mistake/to get into trouble.

This test is flower behind ear. That means the test is a piece of cake/very easy! Floare la ureche!

A fi prins cu mâța-n sac, translated as to be caught with the cat in the bag, means to be caught red-handed. Ups!

A se uita ca boul la poartă nouă - this is one I heard quite often in Romanian environment. Translated literally as to stare like an ox at a new gate, it means to be confused

To cut leaves for the dogs wouldn't make much sense, would it? So, a tăia frunză la câini means to waste time.

Trying to do something, but not succeeding, one might decide to stick his feet in. A-și băga piciorul means to call it quits, a tougher version of to give up.

And finally, if you did something bad, but got scot-free, we'd say in Romanian you got clean headkerchief - ai ieșit basma curată!

That's it, curious reader. Now, tell me, which idiom you liked the most? 

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