Amazing Chinese words on nature

Amazing green mountains in summer, on a sunny day
Chinese language is complete magic.
Since I took two classes three years ago, I dream to learn to speak it. Their words are so full of meaning and visually interesting, that every time I discover something new, I am totally amazed. So, curious to know how some vocabulary on nature is represented, I dove again into this beautiful language.

I can't wait for my next adventure into the mountains, so obviously, first on the list is: 
 - mountain.
It visually represent the shape of a mountain, doesn't it? 
As simple as the first, next character is visually telling. 
means rain
and if combined with protective umbrella, you get this: 
雨伞 - umbrella

Thunder also has in its composition the character for rain. It is composed by rain & field, the bottom element. 
- thunder, terrific    - wind   - river 
Other two words I found interesting are day/sun and morning/dawn. The second word is composed by two elements: the character for sun & the horizontal line that stands for horizon
- sun, day       - morning, dawn 
However, 旦 is not used in spoken language to express morning, as it may be confusing.
And finally, the amazing combination of great & one makes up the word for heaven:
P. S. Now as I'm on a three days diet, I was very surprised to discover that 发福 (fā fú) means to put on weight/to get fat. The second character means blessing/happiness, so getting fat is actually a compliment, because it is a sign of prosperous life. Oh!

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