Amazing Chinese words on nature

Amazing green mountains in summer, on a sunny day
Chinese language is complete magic.
Since I took two classes three years ago, I dream to learn to speak it. Their words are so full of meaning and visually interesting, that every time I discover something new, I am totally amazed. So, curious to know how some vocabulary on nature is represented, I dove again into this beautiful language.

I can't wait for my next adventure into the mountains, so obviously, first on the list is:

 - mountain.
It visually represent the shape of a mountain, doesn't it?

As simple as the first, next character is visually telling.

means rain
and if combined with protective umbrella, you get this:

雨伞 - umbrella

Thunder also has in its composition the character for rain. It is composed by rain & field, the bottom element.

- thunder, terrific    - wind   - river 

Other two words I found interesting are day/sun and morning/dawn. The second word is composed by two elements: the character for sun & the horizontal line that stands for horizon.

- sun, day       - morning, dawn 

However, 旦 is not used in spoken language to express morning, as it may be confusing.
And finally, the amazing combination of great one makes up the word for heaven:


P. S. Now as I'm on a three days diet, I was very surprised to discover that 发福 (fā fú) means to put on weight/to get fat. The second character means blessing/happiness, so getting fat is actually a compliment, because it is a sign of prosperous life. Oh!

Which of these characters impressed you the most?


  1. You have shared amazing information. I always like to find interesting way of learning different languages. I loved your post.

  2. Most definitely a beautiful language! Love the umbrella symbol.

  3. Hi Diana, great info. I have never learnt Chinese and therefore it was real fun to read it.

  4. Great post! 我很喜欢! When I started learning Chinese I was fascinated with all the meanings of the characters and pictograms. Thanks for sharing it, I am sure a lot of people find that interesting!

  5. I absolutely love their outlook on gaining weight.. if only every country was the same haha!

  6. How cool! I didn't know that the characters could visually represent the words. I think it would take me many years to learn Chinese.

  7. I LOVE China. I spent two months in Kunming learning the language... Honestly, I initially didn't want to go, but the teachers at the school I went to made me fall in love with Chinese. It's honestly so fascinating.

  8. Loved this article! My first ever exposure to Chinese! Such a fun read!

  9. I love this! I never realised how the language is so visually telling as you put it. It really looks like rain and a mountain! Thanks for sharing :-)

  10. Wow, great adventure ! Learning Chinese language will be a real challenge ! When learning a European language, you have certain reference points that give you a head start... You have a shared alphabet and shared word roots to fall back on. Here, every sound, character, and word seems new and unique... but I love those characters ;-)

  11. Such a beautiful language. I really want to learn it one day. Visually it's like a piece of art. Beautiful post!

  12. Yes in many places in Africa, to get fat is also a symbol and a sign of evidence of good living. Loved this post. Sheri

  13. Oh, what an interesting post. I am learning Japanese and although I know that kanji is a simplified version of Chinese, I was glad to see that I could read the words “mountain” and “river”.