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At the beginning of January I was fully immersed into Spanish language and history, as I had to take an exam of history in Spanish language, even though I’ve never spoken it before. The words’ lover inside me could not be left unsurprised. So, this post is dedicated to the little interesting things I discovered in Spanish.

The word that keeps its first place in this top is duda, which means doubt. Compared to other languages, duda sounds to me very delicate and sweet, somehow inappropriate for what I perceive as a doubt.

Cristóbal Colón

Then I had a shock. I was reading about the discovery of America and I bumped into Cristóbal Colón. I searched on Google for a confirmation. It is so weirdly different from the other versions I knew - Christopher Columbus in English, Cristofor Columb in Romanian, and Cristoforo Colombo in Italian. The “f” and “b” seem for me so part of it! 


Next observation? Sangría. Not the drink, the word! I knew it for years but I never paid attention to its name, and when I read about the historical events explained metaphorically as days of bleeding, I was surprised I never connected sangría to sangre (blood).


Two other words that I liked a lot are sentido and peligroso. The first one can be translated simply as meaning, but it can also be used as deeply sincere or susceptible. The second one, peligroso, was used very often by my professor during the course, but I always forgot to check what it means. Then, one day I found out it signifies dangerous.


Lastly, there is lluvia and duende, about which I love the pronunciation. Lluvia means rain, while duende, if used with the verb tener: tener duende – means to have a certain magic, but it is mostly used when talking about flamenco.

 Taken by the waves, I’d say now:
 sid dudas - cada lengua tiene su magia!
Do you agree?

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