Short trip from Prague to Velka Amerika - Czech Grand Canyon

Velka America/Czech Grand Canyon in summer, on a sunny day
Big America Canyon
Even though I'm working now, I did not let summer finish sadly, so I went away from Prague one Sunday to Velka Amerika, the native name for Czech Grand Canyon or, translated literally, Big America Canyon! It is an abandoned limestone quarry, 6 km from Karlstejn Castle and about 30 km from Prague. At the beginning of the last century mining work was held there, but now it is just an attraction for tourists, most of whom want to see something different, away from the capital of beer.

As a perfect day trip people usually visit Velka Amerika and Karlstejn Castle on a same day trip. Very easily doable! There are also 2 more quarries (Small America and Mexico quarry) that can be visited around, but this one is the biggest.

What should you know before  
you go to see the Czech Grand Canyon?

It is not allowed to go down to the lake. So, obsiously, it is not allowed to swim there. I even saw a security man. But! Some people do go down and some people do swim there. I'm not inciting you to do illegal things, but sometimes rules are there to be broken, aren't they?

I've been there with my family, so I was almost a good girl. My father was dying of fear seeing me by at edge of the quarry.

It is a paradise for photographers. Great pictures are waiting to be taken by you. (Sometimes there are movies being shot down the quarry.)

Kids? Take care if you decide to take them with you and they can walk by themselves.

How to get there?

If you go by car, head to Morina, where you will find a free parking lot, then walk around to see the quarries and leave Karlstejn for the second part of the day. You'll have to pay for the parking in the town.

If you go by public transport, the easiest and best way is to go by train to Karlstejn, visit the town and the castle, and leave the quarries for the second part of the day.

Girl by the Czech Grand Canyon/Velka Amerika in summer

Czech Grand Canyon/ Velka Amerika in summer

Czech Grand Canyon/ Velka Amerika in summer

Czech Grand Canyon/ Velka Amerika in summer

And to close on a motivational note... a perfect quote from George Bernard Shaw:
Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
Girl by the Czech Grand Canyon/ Velka Amerika in summer, sunny day