What language do people speak in Moldova?

Or how come I speak Romanian? And Russian?
It's time for you to learn the truth and erase out any myth you had in your mind.

Everytime I hear someone using the phrase - Moldovan language or I'm asked - So, you speak Russian in Moldova (intended as a national language) I become frustrated.

Moldova was part of Romania, just by the left border, but it was occupied by Soviets in 1940 and declared its independence only in 1991. 

So, there is no Moldovan language, but a variety of Romanian, which is actually only spoken.

The language Moldovan people write in Moldova is Romanian, but you may notice some difference in the pronunciation of the words. Every educated person knows the correct pronunciation, it's just that in the spoken language they change it a little bit. I would say it's a habit.

Also, because of the Russians occupying our territory for too long, almost everyone in the country speaks Russian. We watch Russian movies, we watch Russian news and some people prefer to talk between themselves in Russian, but that is just a minority. Besides that, when speaking what I call a spoken dialect of Romanian, most people use some Russian words along with Romanian ones. So, if you'll learn pure Romanian and speak to a typical Moldovan you may not understand everything. Just ask him to speak correctly.

And here comes a myth - the national language of Moldova is Russian. That's a lie!

Both Czech Republic and Poland were occupied by Soviet Union, and their national languages are Czech and Polish, respectively. So, the fact that Moldova was under Soviet Union does not mean in any way that our language is Russian. We do speak it, and ironically this is a positive side of having been occupied, but our mother-language is Romanian, or call it a spoken variety of Romanian if you want to distinguish it.

So, no more myths, no more misinformation.
You can learn Romanian and kill two birds with one stone!
You'll be able to speak to local people both in Romania and Moldova.

And last... If you need any help with the language, I'm more than happy to help you! ☼

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