Day trip into Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj) - Prachov Rocks

Bohemian Paradise! Sounds so good, doesn't it? 
It is indeed an earthly paradise of Czech Republic that rejoices your heart and eyes.

Me and Irenka, my Uruguayan friend, picked this destination for a day trip away from Prague, took a bus from Cerny Most (the last stop of metro line B) and got to the closest city to Prachov Rocks (Prachovské skály in Czech). In fact, Jičin is also called a gateaway of the Bohemian Paradise and it is around 8 km away from Prachov rocks. We knew there should be a bus that goes to Prachov, but we were optimistic, as google maps told us we could walk this distance in one hour and a half, so we did it.

But first! Besides its beauty, check these
interesting facts about Prachov Rocks:
  1. It is a protected natural reserve SINCE 1933! So, it is one of the oldest of the country.
  2. The place was included in the Bohemian Paradise Protected Landscape Area ONLY in 2002.
  3. Some of the rock formations got names as the Devil's Kitchen, the Monk, etc. due to their aspect.

Now, let's continue!

Once you get there, you can buy a map at the entrance, so you know where you are and how much time you'll need to get back. There are 3 trails (red, green, and yellow) and the longest one is 3.5 kilometres.

As you can see from the pictures, the place is very scenic.

How much time to spend there? A whole day would be perfect to explore everything, but you can also go just for a few hours and walk a part of it.

Kids? I'm not sure if I would have taken my kid with me would I have had one, but we saw a lot of kids, so I suppose it's actually ok and suitable for them. Just take care they don't slip. I know I'm overprotective.

Important advice! 

Before entering Prachov Rocks, check at the bus stop the timetable to get back to Jičin. The bus does not run often enough. When we finished exploring we wanted to take the bus, but it would have been too much time to wait for it, so we decided to walk again those 8 km. Of course, I was tired, but if I would have to choose again, I'd walk that distance again.

And don't forget, as in any other places, if you prefer to see less people and avoid a crowded place, better go on a day other people would stay home.



  1. Nicely written and thanks for the detailed information. Going there next weekend :)

    1. Hi Rohit! I'm really happy you liked this post. There will be other article-recommendations on what to visit in Czech Republic, if you are interested ;)

      Hope you'll have a nice time there!


    2. Yes I would love to read about them and of course travel too :)
      Keep posting.

    3. Glad to know it!
      Have a nice day