Berlin in one day - how to organise your tour & what to visit

Visit Berlin in one day? Sounds challenging? Do not worry, it is doable! 

But first... how did we get there? How cheap was it?
We took a bus from Prague to Dresden, spent more than half the day sightseeing in the city and continued to Berlin in the late afternoon, both trips with Flixbus - for less than 20. Love them and their funny drivers!

We arrived at the hostel at 8pm and thought we would go out at night, but the exhaustion made us stuck there, so we had some beer and went to sleep to be well prepared for the next day.

How to organise your tour?

What to start with? If you don't already have one, get day pass for public transport (7) and go first to the places that are too far to reach on foot.

So, we chose The Berlin Wall Memorial as stop number 1. It is definitely a must-see of the city, but it's not the place that will impress you the most in Berlin.

(You may need, as we did, to leave your backpack at some station, if you didn't do it before. We chose Alexanderplatz, which was the closest and on our way to the next stop, and it cost us 4 for one locker.)

East Side Gallery
On a local train from Alexanderplatz we headed to The East Side Gallery (Ostbahnhof station), which is 1.3 km long. If you like art, your eyes and soul will rejoice here. 

At the other end of the gallery you'll have the chance to admire the original Oberbaum Bridge, considered one of the symbols of the city. The two storied bridge linked the part occupied by Americans to the one occupied by Soviets during the Cold War.

Oberbaum Bridge
From Warschauer Straße station head to Friedrichstraße station, and there starts your walking tour with the Reichstag Building and the surrounding area, which is absolutely amazing and different from any state building or area I've seen before.

Then, just 5 minutes walking and you get to the famous Brandenburg Gate (Pariser Platz), the shape of which you may notice on the windows of the subway.

Reichstag Building & Brandenburg Gate
Done with photos at the former city gate? Continue to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which compared to the Wall Memorial is more interesting for observation, and - to me - if you do not consider the tens of tourists moving around, is somehow thrilling. Feels like walking among graves.

Where to next? Across the Potsdamer Platz, a notable public square which you'll remember for the tall buildings, you head to the Topography of Terror, an out and indoor museum where you can see another part of the preserved historical wall, but also learn lots of other things. (There is also a small café spot inside, if you want to warm up. It was around 15 degrees in mid July!). 

10 minutes walking and you reach a next must-see - Checkpoint Charlie, the most known crossing point between the West and East Berlin. Everything was captivating about it, except one thing. I was badly impressed by the two men dressed as soldiers in front of the former crossing point asking very persuasively to take a photo with them for 2. They should be given a job in a sales department.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Checkpoint Charlie
Gendarmenmarkt is the third to last place on the list. It is considered one of the most beautiful squares in the whole Berlin. You'll find there a French and a German Church, but also a cool concert hall.
Poetry lover? There is a statue of Schiller in the square.

And my second favorite must-see (!) (after the Reichstag building) - the Berlin Cathedral Church with its astonishing renaissance and baroque architecture. It was 5pm and we were hurrying to get to the bus station in time, but I wish I could spend an entire afternoon laying on the grass in front of the Church.

Berlin Cathedral Church
Around Nikolaiviertel
And last, but not least - Nikolaiviertel, the once heart of Berlin, where you'll notice a statue of a bear. Why? Because it's the symbol of Berlin.

... and back to Alexanderplatz, just a few minutes away, to get our backpacks and spend, oh, half an hour to try to get on the right train.

Kilometres and emotions. Or kilometres of emotions. Or emotions on each kilometre.

Surely, there are still many other things to visit and we also do have to party one time in Berlin!
So, see you next time, Berlin!

P. S. In the meantime, if you know any cool place in Berlin, write it down in the comments, please, so I'm gonna check it for my next trip! Danke!

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