5 things you should know before going to Prague

Exchanging money - the most common bad experience

Pay attention where you choose to exchange money. Prague is the city where everybody will try to scam money from you (not only in exchange spots). You may not notice the commission they'll extract, because it's written with such a small font, that you may be shocked when it's done. The one I can warmly recommend you right in the city centre is the exchange point situated just by the Mustek subway exit, down Wencelas Square (Provaznická 1 Street).

Airport to city centre - no taxi needed

Prague city centre has a very good public transport connection with the airport. You just need a ticket for 32 Kc, which is just 1.20. To me, it is comic and strange when my flight ticket is cheaper than the bus I have to take to get in the city, so in this case it is really praiseworthy. (One more thing regarding the airport - very expensive food, more expensive than in Milan Bergamo airport, for example.)

Public transport and fake ticket inspection

The top must-see places of Prague are within walking distance in the city centre, so you may not need to use public transport, but if you stay longer or plan to explore more, buy a one day (110 kc - 4) or three days pass (310 kc - 11.50), instead of using simple tickets. Also, do not forget to validate them. The fine may be up to 30. And last, in case there is a ticket inspection, make sure the inspector is not approaching only you, that may mean he is not a real inspector, and is just taking advantage of you, a tourist that does not speak Czech and may not want to get into trouble.

There is much more than the Castle, 
the Astronomical Clock and the New Town

Prague has many other beautiful places that you can visit, besides the most known ones. For instance, one that I love very much is Vyšehrad (which means - Upper Castle). There is a stunning Church of St. Peter and Paul on this hill, but what I like most about it is the cemetery, with its very original gravestones. You can reach Vyšehrad by subway (red line). Something else? Letná Park for amazing views over the city and Divoká Šárka for nature lovers.

Vysegrad Cemetery
Enjoy beer in a good place

Want to enjoy a beer in the Old Town? As it may be the only time in your life you do it, why not? But then, if you want to experience more, go to some of the Prague beer gardens or to some bars in Žižkov part of the city. You'll notice the difference in price and atmosphere. Know that if you pay more than 45 Kc for a half litre beer, that is definitely more expensive than in places locals go. So, be a local. Take a beer in Riegrovy sady, and enjoy the sunset up in the park, with a view over the city and the Castle. It's gonna be more unforgettable.

Prague Castle


  1. I do so love Vyšehrad, oft forgotten compared to Prazsky hrad!