5 interesting words of the week (1)

How do you express the sound of a beating heart? I asked the same question to some Romanian speakers and they told me: toc-tocpum-pumdum-dum.

Before leaving the place I was working at university, there came a Nigerian girl to replace me once I left. One day I asked her to tell me some interesting words in her mother language, Igbo, and I fell in love with it. I've never came across such a cute word for butterfly!



Change e to a and you've got a turtle! Mba!



Kpéé, which means belly in Mwan language is considered the place where all our thoughts take their origin from. In other words, metaphorically, what we call brain they call belly. So, when they say in Mwan "I forgot this story",  they actually say that the story left their belly.

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