10 things you should know before you go to Moldova

1.  Romanian and Moldovan currency is called Leu (English? - Lion!).

So, be careful when exchanging money. There is a Romanian Leu and a Moldovan Leu. Roar!

Lots of utility poles in Moldova, not common in Europe.
2. The language spoken in Moldova is the same as in Romania.

But the language spoken by the majority of people in the territory of Moldova sounds a little bit different. I call it a dialect of Romanian - pronunciation in most of the cases is different and there are a lot of Russian words people use in spoken language. However, there is no distinction in the written language. (If you want to know more on this topic, check this article: What language do people speak in Moldova?)

3. There is an autonomous region in Moldova called Transnistria.

Known also as the "Left Bank of Dniester", Transnistria is not recognized by the United Nations. The two major ethnic group  living there, apart from Moldovans, are Russians and Bulgarians. You can enter its territory with a document valid for entering Moldova and you'll have to fill in a form at the border.

4. Always have cash with you.

Payments with credit card are not a common thing in Moldova. You can't pay by card for your tickets for public transport or food in small shops.

5. Don't be rude and make loud negative comments.

Especially if you are a man. As many others from Eastern countries, Moldovan men are not very tolerant to these kind of things. Be nice! And especially on a night out.

Cricova underground wine city

6. If you travel by public transport through the country know that:

there is no announcement of the stops, and usually you tell the driver where you want to get out. 

7. Moldova has the first and second largest wine cellars in the world:

Milestii Mici and Cricova, two underground wine cities. So, do not miss trying Moldovan wine, which is one of the best in Europe. Know also that almost every Moldovan family living in a house, especially in villages, makes its own wine to last until next year, when grapes are ripe.

8. If you want to experience the real Moldovan life, leave the capital and...

go around the country, go around villages and see how people live. Moldovan villages are like big families - everyone knows each other.

9. Be ready to see lots of girls and women dressed as...

in a fashion show everywhere. It's different from Western Europe where you hardly see a student in high heels on a normal school or university day.

10. Moldova is home to the gypsy capital of the world - Soroca.

Have a walk in the town and you'll be amazed by the spectacular houses gypsies live in. On the other hand, we actually don't have so many gypsies in Moldova.

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