How to travel round Poland's top cities with less than €10

Poland travel route map: Wroclaw, Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan
Some people think you need a lot of money if you want to travel, but that is not true. Besides in emergencies, I've never paid more than €40 euro for flight tickets. For example, all my flights from Prague to Italy cost me from €10 to €20 . For that, you have to be smart: book in advance or on the day they have discounts. 

Today I'd like to tell you about the cheapest transport company I've traveled with in my life - Polskibus - and show you how you can visit the 5 most important cities in Poland with a minimum of €8.54 or a maximum of €19.08.

I lived in Poland for 9 months and recently I did a tour of Poland with my boyfriend, visiting the places I did not see on my stay there, and as I'm now making plans for a summer trip, I'd like to share with you some ideas.

Let's say you will do a tour of 8 days in July (that means you would book 2 months in advance): Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw.

All these cities have airports, so you could start your tour from any of them, where you arrive to the land of people famous for drinking vodka and cultivating potatoes!

(Nota bene: The prices below are taken from their website on May 13th 2016 and are expected to change in time)

Day 1 (July 16)

Your tour starts. You are in Krakow. 
You stay there 2 days because you have to see the city and visit, most probably, 
Auschwitz and Birkenau.

Girl in front of Wawel Castel in Krakow.
Wawel Castle - Krakow

Day 3 (July 18)

Krakow - Warsaw
Cost €1,14 - €3,41 (5-15 zloty)

Beautiful painted building in Warsaw city center
City Centre - Warsaw

Day 6 (July 21)

Warsaw - Gdansk
Cost €1,04 - €4,31 (9-19 zl)

Amazing buildings in Gdansk, in winter

Day 7 - (July 22)

Gdansk - Poznan
Cost €4,54 - €7,95 (20-35 zl)

Poznan city center
Poznan (Source here)

Day 8 - (July 23)

Poznan - Wroclaw
Cost €1,82 - €3,41 (8-15 zl). 
You spend the night in the city and then you are done!

Wroclaw cathedral viewed from the island, in autumn

Depending on the timetable, the price varies as I mentioned.

So, the minimum you could spend is €8,54! The maximum: €19,08!

€8,54 for all the routes you'll use! In Italy you pay €7 with a regional train (Trenitalia) for a trip of only 45 minutes, but in Poland you could travel more than 1000 km.

If I would have never visited Prague, I would head from Wroclaw to Prague. Of course, again with Polskibus.

That is for sure not the kind of trip for those that associate a trip with the comfort of the hotel room or luxurious services. It is for simple, adventurous people for whom the beauty and magic of traveling is found in the places they see and the people they meet, not in how they travel and the type of bed they sleep in. On top of that, if you have a good travel buddy or a good book, five hours on a bus feel like nothing.

Are you ready to visit Poland?

If you have any questions, about what to see in these cities, or anything else, feel free to ask me below.

1) I did not mention here what you'll have to pay for the trip Krakow-Auschwitz or Gdansk-Sopot, which are additional trips (very short) and worth considering if you go to Krakow or Gdansk, but they should not cost you too much. For example Gdansk-Sopot trip, around 30 minutes, won't cost you more than €1,90 (return ticket).
2) Remember that the prices I used were available on May 13th 2016 and may change later on.


  1. I live in Poland and I have to disagree with you. I often travel Gdansk-Warsaw and the cheapest tickets for students costs 25 zł (about 6 euros). Without any discounts about 12 euro. Ticket Gdansk-Sopot 0,5 euro.

    1. You traveled with Polskibus? Last time I traveled to Gdansk from Warsaw (December 26th) I booked the tickets on November 17th and paid 19 zl for Warsaw-Gdansk-Warsaw. And that was holidays period..

      Regarding Gdansk-Sopot, I used a train. The ticket for one way costed me 4 zl, which is less than 2 euro for 2 tickets. (About 1.90 euro)

      Thanks for your visit ;)

  2. i would like to travel to slovenia from germany. any idea how can i travel cheap

    1. Hi Manoj!
      It depends from where exactly in Germany you want to start. I would advice you to check flixbus, studentagency and polskibus (for a route through Poland if you are close to it). I think it will be cheaper if you go first to Czech Republic, but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe I can help you more if you give me more details.