Hiking on Monte Baldo from Ferrara. Through a summer & winter mix

The start place of the Monte Baldo trail from Ferrara, in summer.
Every time I come back to Prague from Italy, my father asks me: Did you miss Prague? I always find it difficult to answer his question. The places I lived so far in Italy were surrounded by mountains, and besides that, Italian architecture and the history that you can feel walking on the streets is really different from what you can find in Prague.

For me, Czech Republic and Italy have two different sorts of beauty. 

I would say that Italy is a cavalier on a white horse that sings a serenade under your balcony, while Czech Republic is a handsome man with a briefcase, walking on an old street and winking at me.

As I am too sincere to lie,  I end up saying: Not really...

Going on my last trip to Italy, my big dream was to go hiking in the mountains. As always, my soul and crazy friend Eugenia organised our day on Monte Baldo, choosing a trail from Ferrara.

There are three first things that describe this day:

It was the first time my boyfriend was in the mountains.
It was the first time I was super scared in the mountains, because we walked on steep trails.
It was the first time we did something adrenaline driven on a quiet hiking day.

We started hiking at around 11 am and we were heading to the closest top of Monte Baldo (altitude - 2147 m), were Rifugio Telegrafo is located. For you to know, the highest peak of Monte Baldo is Valdritta, 2218 m.

View from Monte Baldo, hiking in summer with a very blue sky above us.

It was not the first time we found snow in the mountains in spring or summer, but we did not expect such large areas of snow this time. Weather on Monte Baldo surprised us more than we expected! We were dressed as for a summer day, but we brought with us hoodies and jackets. 
As we were getting higher up, it was becoming colder and colder.

Happy friends climbing Monte Baldo on a summer day, but with snow under the feet.

At some point, we encountered the first large area with snow and we thought we had to give up hiking, but there were some human traces, so we decided to continue moving somehow. We stepped up very carefully and at moments even on all fours, as we risked to slide down if we didn't.

Walking route from Ferrara to the top of Monte Baldo, at Rifugio telegrafo (2147 m height).

Imitating a dangerous scene with friends on our route from Ferrara to the top of Monte Baldo.

The contrast of colours and nature was very strong. There was green and white or grey. There was snow but also blossoming trees and flowers.

As we were climbing higher I was getting more and more scared about the idea of going back down. My last flights were so scary, that when I found myself at a high altitude, I was getting dizzy.

Breathless, beautiful viewpoint on Monte Baldo.

Our goal was to climb to the top, but unfortunately we didn't have the equipment to cross another large and steep area with snow. We were almost at the top but the dangerous trail covered in snow made us stop for lunch just next to it. It was freaking cold! We put on our jackets and ate the riso freddo I prepared the day before (a meal that reminds me and Eugenia of our Erasmus year in Poland).

Lunch with friends almost by the top of the Monte Baldo, surrounded by snow, and freezing, during a hiking day in summer.

I had the most magnificent view in my life while having lunch!

Amazing viewpoint for lunch while hiking on Monte Baldo. Snowy in summer.

Summer day, but winter weather on Monte Baldo.

Beautiful mountain landscape and blue sky, from Baldo (Italy).

Friends hiking on Monte Baldo, Italy, in summer

After lunch, going down, I remembered the area with snow we encountered at the beginning. As I already overcame my fear of height I had for a few hours, I asked Eugenia:
- What if instead of walking we'll sit on the shopping bags that we have in our backpacks and slide down?
She asked me seriously if I'm crazy.
- C'mon, I don't recognise Eugenia!
- I don't recognise Diana!

And I won. Alberto was the first one to set the track, sliding on a shopping bag. Eugenia had a better idea sliding on the jacket, so we put it in practice. It fuelled us with adrenaline, we got our buts wet but we were super happy. We did not get to the top of Monte Baldo, but sliding down on the snow in an inappropriate and unsafe place was definitely the thing that made our day!

 May day with snow on Monte Baldo, close to Rifugio Telegrafo (2147 m altitude)

Girl during her hiking experience on Monte Baldo, in Italy.

When we got down it was sunny again. Our buts were almost completely dry, we put our jackets in the backpacks and laid down on the ground to enjoy this landscape and the comforting sun:

Green landscape on Monte Baldo, at Ferrara headtrail, in May

Now, studying for the soon to come exams, I can't help but think about my next immersion into Italian nature. 
See you soon Italy!

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