Why work in a hostel?

Have you ever thought about working in a hostel? That's totally different from being a hotel receptionst. Some time ago I said to myself I'm not going to do it again, but recently I was actually thinking about going to work in a hostel in a country I want to visit during summer. Exams session didn't even start and I'm already plannig my so-called holidays, right?
Let's see which are the 5 reasons to choose a job at a hostel! 

1. If you love languages, as I do, you will practice them all everyday. You will meet people from all around the world, so you can speak to them in their own languages and suprise them. If you speak some of the difficult languages to learn, like Chinese, that's gonna blow away your guests.

Guests from the hostel on beer tasting event. Hostel life

2. You will make new friends. Of course, you won't interact with all the people you meet at the hostel, but with some of them you might say to yourself right from the beginning: I wanna chat with her!

3. You'll become even more sociable! Unless you don't get that annoying guest that tries to test how much you love your boyfriend, hoping he has a chance for a good night kiss before he goes to his room.
4. You'll improve your tolerance. Sounds funny, doesn't it? But that's true. I have experience of working in front office and dealing with people, but it's not the same when you work at a hostel. You'll meet different kinds of people to whom you won't be able to say: "Shut up" or ask "Are you stupid?". And there will be hundreds and thousands of people with different temper and character that you'll meet. Get ready!

5. You'll get inspired and filled with energy. Or you want to say you met a traveller that was not enthusiastic about his travel? Most of them are willing to share with you their stories, and they are so spirited, that sometimes you just want to go back home take your backpack and leave or change something in your life. But then.. you remember you've got a job - and that's the other side of the coin about which I'll talk in another post.

So, do you want to work in a hostel so far?

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