See what categories Facebook assigned you to

Did you know Facebook is so intelligent that it automatically assigns you to different categories, based on your behaviour online? 
For example, it assigned me to these lists of people: "Away from family, “Away from home town”, “Close friend of expats” and many more. All of them absolutely right! I was born in Moldova, my family lives in Czech Republic, I live in Italy and have lots of expat friends.

On the other hand, I was surprised to find Interior Design as one of my interests. Probably I liked some pictures featuring places with cool design, but it’s not at all a real interest of mine.

Online privacy is dead

Ready to hear you’re naked? 
Yes, you’ve got some clothes on you, but the simple fact that you’re online translates into a block of data very useful not only for big sellers, but even for simple bloggers.
Silhouette of a hand on a binary background

[Infographic] Top 10 facts about Poland

Young man, photographer, under a big Polish flag, on the street.
  1. Poland is the most religious country in Europe. From 1978 to 2005, the Pope of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City was the Polish-born Karol Józef Wojtyła. He was so popular in Poland that he was dedicated an entire TV channel. 

10 beautiful Italian words and phrases

Italian flag on a mountain
Here I am, back with another 10 Italian words that I find beautiful either because their meaning express something lovely or they sound very charmigly (by the way: charming is a word I do love a lot!)

So, let’s start with the one I discovered recently and that higly impressed me:
  1. Mi fa senso - this phrase is used to say that something makes you feel sick, or uncomfortable, or that it disgusts you  but the way it sounds is so graceful to me! Translated word by word it means: it makes sense, but sense in this context refers to the 5 human senses: sound, touch, smell, sight and taste.