10 interesting and strange Italian words and expressions

Ever since my first meeting with Italian language I’m very in love with it. And this love amplifies every time I hear and listen a song in Italian. So, I decided to start a series of posts about what I find interesting, strange, and beautiful about it. You’ll fall in love with it as well, I promise! 

Today is the day of 10 interesting Italian words and expressions. Let’s start!

Moldova – best wine destination for 2018

Moldova? Are you asking yourself where is it located? It's in Europe! A small country that looks like a grape on the map and is home not only to the largest wine cellar in the world, Mileștii Mici, but also to the second largest wine cellar in the world - Cricova, 11 km away from the capital Chisinau.

Map of Moldova on a background of a vineyard

So, if you haven't visited Moldova yet, it's time to do it! 

Museum of the Communist Consumer in Timișoara (Romania) - my favorite!

A few days after my graduation in July, I was on a plane heading to Timișoara (Western Romania) with my boyfriend. It was a surprise for me, and his choice shocked me. I used to travel often to Romania when I was at school in Moldova, and I missed doing that. However, I had a strange feeling about going to the country that I consider mine, but at the same time, its authorities were messing up my life for the past half year playing the game of the citizen non-citizen.

The living room inside the Museum of the Communist Consumer in Timisoara, Romania.

We stayed in Timișoara two nights, and then flew to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The city is not very big, so we had a lot of time to explore its places. I was happy it was probably the first time we made it in time to visit so many museums in a city. The one I chose to tell you about today is my favorite - the Museum of the Communist Consumer. Maybe I could say this is my favorite museum so far, and not only from Timișoara.